Archives Center & SPI

Introduction and Description

The Center aims to make an inventory of its archival material, which describes everything relating to it since its establishment in 1968. This material needs to be archived in a proper way, and those documents which are important should be digitized.

The first step is to make an inventory of all the material available; possible categories are annual reports, description of projects, notes and information about the symposia, office administration, notes from board meetings, notes from the Academic Council, lectures, etc. The next step will be to decide what information can be made public and digitized, and what needs to be classified as "sensitive" information. The documents will then have to be stored and organized in a proper way.

Uniqueness of this project

Archival material of the Center is part of the history of the Dutch community in Israel, and is the start of a bigger project describing all the archives of the Dutch organizations in Israel. Part of the history of the Dutch community in Israel will be described through this archival material.

Goals of the project

The goal is that eventually the material of all major Dutch organizations in Israel will be archived and digitized. Our Center recently updated its cataloguing system, and is now using an advanced program made and supported by Idea. This system is very suitable for archiving material, and digitized documents can be connected to it

Finalisation of the Project

The Center has completed its first project of catalogizing and digitizing the archive of SPI (the umbrella organization of all Dutch organizations in Israel) in September 2012. A presentation was given at a public meeting organized by the Centre on October 15, 2012. The presentation is available here.


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